Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Too Fast

My wife was here this weekend. It went by pretty fast.

Now she is somewhere over these great United States in an airplane. I don't like that one bit.

We spent the weekend doing stuff that we do normally: eating, running, going to hell Ikea and Bed Bath and Beyond. We also had the chance to celebrate the "Bat Mitzvah" of a good friend's rabbanic ordination and to see some old friends. But now it is over. And it is nearly a month before we see each other.

Nothing good about it.

In better news the weather here is snazzy and I have two rugs from hell Ikea. But best of all, the wife likes the apartment and our neighborhood. I got to say I was a bit nervous in that I picked it without any help. But after going out to eat in a few very nice places within walking distance (some within steps)and enjoying the views of the Presidio it was clear that I (at some point semi-soon, we) moved to a great place.

But now, I wait until February and enjoy the weather.

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