Monday, June 10, 2013

Without a plan

I don't have one of these right now.
For nearly the past three years, I have been constantly training for a marathon or half marathon.  I could have run a half marathon on one day's notice pretty much at anytime during this period. I had a plan I would stick to it no matter what, even to the determent of my own body (see: busted ankle posts).

But now, thanks to the parenthetically noted busted ankle, I am not following an official training plan.  And as I noted late last week, my not-on-paper plan of three runs and three spins was just a bit ambitious for my out-of-shape self. 

So I am without a plan. I feel lost and cold inside.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Yeah, not so much

I started with such high hopes.

After two days of spin and one run, I am here to report that my ankle is not 100% and I am 100% out of shape.

Nothing else to report, but I feel obligated to note that my high hopes of 3 runs and 3 spins is already off course...perhaps I will work up to it...or I will just complain about.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Break is Over

Running in Rome.
Over the past month I have been recovering from my sprained ankle. I have done my rehab and some stationary biking, and clocked about eight total miles of running. Granted those runs were in Rome and Tuscany, so that part is cool.
Running under the Tuscan Sun
But now I got to get back into shape.

There were a bunch of stories of late in running magazines noting the benefits of elites taking time off and gaining weight and such. Well I have done that and I hope to reap those getting fat benefits.

After a fantastic vacation in Italy and New York and Chicago, it is time to lose the 10 pounds I found (read: stuffed into my mouth in the form of outrageous pasta, pizza, wine, salted meats, gelato, and other lovely foodstuffs) as well as the other 10 pounds I was hoping to have lost before this vacation started.

It will take time and I won't make the mistake of blasting out of the gate with too much for a semi-weak ankle and totally depleted cardiovascular system.

So I will only run three times a week for a max mileage of 25 miles and spin about three times a week along with continued rehab.  Like I said, nice and easy...

And we're back.