Monday, February 15, 2010

The Los Angeles Times' Entertainment Section

Well done LA Times for calling it like it is:

While it is clear that this particular article was placed in this particular section for the content of the piece, it is pretty clear to me that the editors of the Times did this with a smile on their faces.

So on this President's Day, I leave you with this: These so-called presidential candidates are the jesters in the court of our nation's real leaders.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Omnivore Faces Hypocrisy

All of the dilemmas aside, I am an omnivore. I love eating all sorts of stuff; from the finest meats to the cheapest offal, from complex French baked goods to fruit from the garden and even “fruit” from the candy store, I eat it all.

And I don’t intend to stop.

But after my yearly physical I learned that my once stable and very good cholesterol numbers were not what they once were and something had to change. I do work out (a little less than I tell my doctor I work out) and I do tend to eat a balanced diet (albeit more than I should of most items.) This less-than-stellar news comes on the heels of my dismay regarding the lack of affordable, social conscience meat products in my local grocery stores. Chicken from organic, free range and other make-you-feel-better labeled farms they have; forget about cows, lambs or other fun little barnyard creatures for your dinner plate.

So now I am faced with a big dilemma. Tell me what to do Michael Pollan!

Ok, fine, I know what to do.

Moving forward, I will not eat meat during the work week and will enjoy limited amounts of meat on weekends and special occasions.

I have just started and have been doing alright, but I know it is going to be difficult if not somewhat hypocritical. I have long made fun of the vegetarian lifestyle and find the flexetarian movement to be somewhat silly. I guess, as a foodie, my food choices have also supported a lifestyle. Religious food restrictions support religious movements. So what is different about these flexetarians or veggies?

I suppose the world that is controlled by crazy restrictions (read: Kosher wine) or diminished by lack-luster substitutions (read: veggie burgers) doesn’t really speak to me as a person or as an eater. But what about all those people who say their lives are better without meat? (Clearly they haven’t had the seared Foie Gras on pan toasted brioche, with mango ginger chutney, Persian pistachios & bee pollen at Alta.)

Now that is a perfect transition to the issues at hand, thanks Alta you are great for so many things! So I have the high cholesterol and I also want to eat more sustainably and consciously. The no meat during the week seems like an easy solution, not taking away everything always but most of it most the time and thus leading a healthier and more sustainable life.

I think I will miss the meat in the next few weeks but now I intend to enjoy my hypocrisy and path to better health.

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