Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Inspiration, over shooting, and cutting deep

So the last two week were long. There was Passover in LA with the family, the drive there and back, the scheduled ankle surgery, the postponed ankle surgery, the ED trip, the trip back to the ED to find out what was causing the gastric distress and diagnosis of acute colitis, and then MEB WON THE BOSTON MARATHON AND THAT WAS SUPER COOL.

Now for more color. I was getting ready for what my doctor said was a simple ankle surgery on Friday morning. It was going to take about 30 minutes and I would be off crutches within a few days. It would take care of the chronic inflammation that goes away after a few weeks of rest and comes back after a week of running. Very simple he said, does them all the time he said. So I said let's do it.

On Thursday night I started my mandated fast but started feeling my stomach bubbling up.  I figured it was nerves. I didn't sleep very well, again chalking it up to nerves. But when I got to the surgery center the cramps and nausea didn't subside, and in fact got worse. I tired to power through but the pain in my gut just didn't stop. Finally I choose to go home and get some rest and liquids in my stomach.

I thought I was going to be fine and was pissed about not sucking it up; then the cramps just wouldn't stop. They were incredibly strong and were getting worse. So off to the hospital we went. The doctor thought I was a wimp and said it was most likely nerves. Now, I trust doctors most of the time and I tend to think ED folks see a lot of the same stuff so they probably would know what was up. But this wasn't nerves and I am not a wimp (an idiot sure, but not a wimp).

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I blame Vegas and Meb

Weigh-in Wednesday: April 9, 2014 -- 214.2lbs

So this past week wasn't the best. As you may have noticed, I didn't do a full week in review and I gained weight. I was pissy, I wanted to get the hell out of Dodge, and I didn't want fall into a funk. I did start the week well but then I couldn't get past the end of the block while running on Thursday. It wasn't good.

But then we went to Vegas and it was great fun. My lovely wife and I met my parents for a weekend of eating, drinking, and throwing money away. As is tradition we ate copious amounts of food. The only exercise I took part in included doing arm curls with my drink or walking from one eating establishment to another.

Surprisingly this didn't fit into my get back into shape plans...but hey it was part of the getting mentally back into shape. So suck it.

Last night, it got late, we needed dinner fast, and I have been wanting to go to this Eritrean restaurant in our hood. It was great! Assab was everything I wanted and more. Honestly, I figured I would wake up put on my Sketchers and run a one hour half marathon. But I couldn't. I was really full and there was a ton salt in that delicious Eastern African food.
I finished the same race (one year, two hours, 51 minutes later)
So it wasn't the best week. But tomorrow I will talk to the doctor to discuss next steps and have "run" 10 boring miles thus far on an elliptical machine. On ward and upward. Hopefully I will be running by next week and not prepping for surgery.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week in Review 4-6-14

This week wasn't great. My ankle hurt a bunch. I was on schedule through Thursday, however when I got dressed to hit the road it wasn't happening. There was direct joint pain and some grinding in the ankle cavity and that isn't fun.  So instead of complaining about it (or seeing the doctor) the wife and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend with my parents on a last minute crazy trip.  A much better choice.

Anyway, I did one Pilates mat class, my weekly spin class, and ran six very comfortable miles on Tuesday. I also did some cardio work before and after my Pilates work out.  All in all a pretty good week considering I wasn't able to run more than two hundredths of a mile without limping.

I am calling the doctor tomorrow to see about options and I will report back.

Maybe I will have something to write about with some thought involved.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I can tell a lot about you by what Law & Order you like

I prefer the Goren versions of Criminal Intent. But really it is all about the procedural aspects of the show. Bad guys do stuff, Goren figures it out, he confronts them by speaking within the bubble of personal space and then the show is over. And if you are watching re-runs on ION TV you get to watch the next one within seconds.

I am a sucker for a predictable sequence
of events.

Yesterday was my first weigh in Wednesday. It wasn't a great number for the calorie burn over the week but I took it.  The truth is I forgot it was Wednesday when I woke up so I weighed myself at about 1pm.  This was after a crazy spin class but I thought it would be alright. Yesterday's post was also really lame, but I wanted to stay faithful to my self-inflicted disclosure doctrine.

But today I got on the scale and the numbers were better.

One week into my concerted effort to blog and run and such, and I am feeling pretty good. Not Goren good, but solid.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - 4-2-14

The first week was a good one.

I ran a bunch. I went to the gym. I ate too much but hey it is a start.

Weight: 213.4

Not much of a change. I will take it.

On to the rest of the week.