Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding issue with food

I have had three great meals lately but have not been able to enjoy them and I think that is ok.

1. Distracted by conversation of a friend
Due to a fantastic conversation and wonderful laughs, I didn't take in the brilliantly constructed deviled eggs.

2. Bothered by work
Due to a pesky work issue, I was pulled away from a simply and carefully crafted restaurant week meal. I was forced into scarfing.

3. Space taking away from food
Due to a small dark place and other such environmental who-ha, I didn't enjoy a recent trip to a hip little joint down town.

I hope I can get back to loving food again as the main event. But if not...I will figure out something else.

In other news: big ups to the Pizza Place I still wont go to because of its ridiculous statement about animal fats for commenting on my last post.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Word on Semantics

There is a pizza place on my path to the subway from my apartment that claims many things in the form of window stickers: "Highly Digestible" "No Additives" "No Preservatives." All things that a good. However, the white lettering on its window that will keep me from eating this pseudo-gourmet pizza is "No Animal Fat."

They serve both meat and cheese in this joint.

Unsurprisingly, I have complained to my lovely wife (a lot) about this issue and she has informed me that I am no longer permitted to complain about this small oversight in the pizza place's advertisements. But that is why I have a blog.

Most likely, what our shop owners were hoping to impart to its customers at its locations in the Yuppiest of yuppy areas in the city that invented yuppies, is that its pizzas and sandwiches are made from whole foods, thus these foods are healthy. Ok, that is a nice thought but it is categorically untrue.