Thursday, February 7, 2013

Be the change you want to see in the world

Dear Readers,

Over the past month I have not blogged at all.  There was lots to talk about but I have been really busy.  And honestly, I was having trouble justifying the need to broadcast my thoughts on whatever it was that would have graced these webpages.

January passed and I turned 30, ate an ungodly amount of Prime Rib, PR'ed the living day-lights out of the Kaiser Half Marathon, and worked like a mad man.  All good things.

But it got me to thinking about my "social media presence."

Why do I care to keep this thing going?  I don't really. It could be a "creative outlet" or something but it hasn't been.  It could be a way to promote myself but let's be fair, with about 100 hits a week, most of them from the same five people, I am not promoting anything at this point.

So the change.

From here on out this will be a running blog.  Despite what I said in my round up post last year, I believe focusing this blog on one topic, will be useful for my writing and my hit rate.  I will be better able to promote my wonderful running club and hopefully expand my profile as a local runner.

That is all for now but stay tuned for some weekly features and regular updates.


the dcc

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