Friday, November 12, 2010

We are the believers

Sara of Running New York write in her marathon recap:
There are two important things I’ve taken away from this experience. First, my outlook on life has changed entirely. Spectators will say to you, “I can’t believe you just ran a marathon!” But if you’ve run one, you don’t see what’s so unfathomable about it. No challenge is insurmountable now. Spectators look on in disbelief, but marathoners are believers. That is the difference.
Yup that nails it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some things I learned

There are a number of things I know now that I didn’t know at 4:00 am on November 7, 2010.

1. Fort Wadsworth is COLD in November.
I thought I was really smart with my sleeping bag…and I was. Just not smart enough. With temperatures hovering just above freezing in the pre-dawn hours (in which I spent hours, yes hours) I never really got warm. However this did give many of us waiting in the cold something to talk about besides how nervous we all were for the race. Next year: A small tent, wool stuff and extra socks are a must.

2. Reading digital clocks is difficult (when running a marathon).
I should have used a personal watch to keep pace…I went out super fast over the bridge and went even faster on 4th Ave. Again, a lesson for next year.

3. Lower Level of the Verrazano is pretty neat too.
Initially I was bummed to be on the lower level of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. However, the view was spectacular. A crystal clear day, it was as if I could see England if I just looked hard enough. The skyline of Manhattan in the distance emerged from the sparkling water as the FDNY boats shot water into the air and I thought I am really lucky to have the opportunity to run this crazy race.

4. I really hate Brooklyn.
For those of you who know me well, Brooklyn and I have a love hate relationship. I sometimes think living in Brooklyn would be wonderful: more room, hip neighbors, permission to be smug (like I need that). But after running nearly half of the NYC Marathon through the damn borough we are in a hate part of our relationship. (I love you, really, Brooklyn, but you never end.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shut up

Dearest Fellow Democrats,

Shut up.

Yes you read that right. Last night really sucked and it is going to sting all the way until the next time we can figure out a way to nail a significant majority. The Republicans control the House and have significant enough numbers in the Senate to assure nothing is accomplished. So, where does that leave us? Move to Canada? Give up all hope? Take up arms against the country? You sound like Glenn Beck.

So shut up, work hard, lobby your representatives, especially if they are now Republicans and get someone better to run in two or six years.

The major problem we have in this country isn't that what divides us is small in comparison to what unites us or that one party is elitists and the other is anti-intellectual. The real issue here is that every time the other team wins the losers give up and calls the winners names (bigots, socialists, Nazis you name it).

Get over it! There is work to do. Don't give up on your issues but accept that your opposition isn't a a lily-livered, bleeding-heart, liberal, egghead communist or a gun-toting, redneck son-of-a-bitch.

Move on, work hard and shut up.



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go Vote

Well sort of but still! Go vote. You don't vote you can't complain.

Remember to vote for equality and access and economic development and all those good things that support society.

Taxes suck but roads, police, schools, healthcare systems, national defense and park lands are worth it.