Monday, June 27, 2011


So we won. That was cool. I have never been so happy to have been wrong. On Friday evening (well really in the middle of the night) the New York State Senate passed the Marriage Equality Act and it was great!

Working with members of the Cuomo Administration, Empire State Pride Agenda and HRC as well as religious groups on this issue has been wonderful. I am extremely proud to have taken a small part in this project. It is clear, that without the leadership of Governor Cuomo, this would not have happened.

I was very critical of the Governor and said so in meetings with some of his senior staff. For much of the session he was mute on progressive social issues focusing much of his attention on the business community, and that wasn't why I voted for him. I stand by my critical statements but I must say I am impressed with the political maneuvering and in the end real leadership from his office on this issue.

So congratulations all and on to the next fight!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stuff and Things

Today I purchased the most ridiculous thing a man of my age and station could purchase.
I got me some FiveFingers.

Yup. I gave in and got a pair of these shoes after nearly a year of making fun of all those who wear them.

I ran with them on the treadmill at Jack Rabbit, my favorite running and gear store (quid pro quo about a shirt?) at the Upper East Side location. And I was shocked at how my gate was pushed into the correct form and how my knees didn't feel anything. So may be some of these nut job runners know something.

But I got to say today's trip was as if I was a kid again in the Toy "R" Us on Route 4 in New Jersey with my mom getting that perfect "play guns" gun. That day we went out to the store and picked up an old fashion wooden World War I replica toy rifle. I had done something good and this was my reward but I couldn't tell you what it was, but I remember shopping for the gun like it was yesterday. In fact I still have that busted up old rifle in my parents house.

Sometimes stuff is just that: stuff. But then sometimes it is elevated to become a thing. Often times in the bloggophere (especially in the liberal political one and in the foodie section) bloggers will take to their digital soap boxes to denounce materialism.

Now don't get me wrong, stuff is more often than not just stuff. And even more often it is just shit. But on those rare occasions when you get some thing that is just so cool, you wanted for so long, a thing you didn't think you were worthy of, it gets elevated.

I felt really cool wearing those shoes. They are so friggin' ugly and are a pain to get on to my feet. But I felt like a runner. Someone who knew what it meant to have a strong toe strike and why that is important. And I think these ridiculous shoes are going serious help me out of my running funk. Over the last few weeks, my work life have been jammed. I dragged my ass out of bed a few times over the past few weeks but I didn't spring up like I have over the past 11 months. I needed something.

Perhaps these weird shoes will get me out of my funk, perhaps they will not but I do know that I am happy with the thing I got today and I will donate some stuff to make room for them in the closet.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why the Conservative Movement Doesn't Make Sense

“I’m looking for the Reagan Democrats. Those guys are still out there to be found,” said [anti-51 Park Development "activist" Andy] Sullivan, 46. “That whole area is starting to lean conservative, because we’re feeling the pain with the economy more than anybody else.” Source

So this guy, who's only real qualification for this post is his anti-Islamic activism against the so-call "Ground Zero" mosque, is calling upon conservatives to support him in a race for Anthony Weiner’s Congressional seat because they are being hurt by the economy.

Here is the rub: Conservatives don't care about poor people. They care about doing what they want and have no regard for anyone who can't pull themselves by so-call boot straps...regardless of having boots with straps to pull upon or not. The people bankrolling the Tea Party have spent billions over the years supporting pro-business, anti-regulation, anti-worker policy and think-tanks.

I got to say I just don't understand why working class Queens would support a radical conservative. Doesn't make economic, social or political sense.

Oh yeah, Weiner should resign.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Self-Rightous Post on Saving Money

Last month I read a post on the WSJ's Real Time Economic blog that explained that half of American households are "financial fragile" which it defined as these households' impossibility or improbability of coming up with $2,000 in 30 days.

It was shocking to me.

$2,000 is a lot of money. No question about it. It would require saving just about $167 per month for a year and not touching it to have on hand. But that is for one person. So in an average family with an average of two incomes that is $84 per person per month. This also takes into account no other savings or value available to the household.

So while it is a lot of money, I don't think it is an impossible amount to have on hand within a month.

Now, I get it. I am privileged, well-off and have a great job. All things that are not afforded to everyone. This is especially true with unemployment hovering around 9.5%. But this goes more to societal mind set than anything else.