Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why the Conservative Movement Doesn't Make Sense

“I’m looking for the Reagan Democrats. Those guys are still out there to be found,” said [anti-51 Park Development "activist" Andy] Sullivan, 46. “That whole area is starting to lean conservative, because we’re feeling the pain with the economy more than anybody else.” Source

So this guy, who's only real qualification for this post is his anti-Islamic activism against the so-call "Ground Zero" mosque, is calling upon conservatives to support him in a race for Anthony Weiner’s Congressional seat because they are being hurt by the economy.

Here is the rub: Conservatives don't care about poor people. They care about doing what they want and have no regard for anyone who can't pull themselves by so-call boot straps...regardless of having boots with straps to pull upon or not. The people bankrolling the Tea Party have spent billions over the years supporting pro-business, anti-regulation, anti-worker policy and think-tanks.

I got to say I just don't understand why working class Queens would support a radical conservative. Doesn't make economic, social or political sense.

Oh yeah, Weiner should resign.

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