Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding issue with food

I have had three great meals lately but have not been able to enjoy them and I think that is ok.

1. Distracted by conversation of a friend
Due to a fantastic conversation and wonderful laughs, I didn't take in the brilliantly constructed deviled eggs.

2. Bothered by work
Due to a pesky work issue, I was pulled away from a simply and carefully crafted restaurant week meal. I was forced into scarfing.

3. Space taking away from food
Due to a small dark place and other such environmental who-ha, I didn't enjoy a recent trip to a hip little joint down town.

I hope I can get back to loving food again as the main event. But if not...I will figure out something else.

In other news: big ups to the Pizza Place I still wont go to because of its ridiculous statement about animal fats for commenting on my last post.

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