Thursday, April 3, 2014

I can tell a lot about you by what Law & Order you like

I prefer the Goren versions of Criminal Intent. But really it is all about the procedural aspects of the show. Bad guys do stuff, Goren figures it out, he confronts them by speaking within the bubble of personal space and then the show is over. And if you are watching re-runs on ION TV you get to watch the next one within seconds.

I am a sucker for a predictable sequence
of events.

Yesterday was my first weigh in Wednesday. It wasn't a great number for the calorie burn over the week but I took it.  The truth is I forgot it was Wednesday when I woke up so I weighed myself at about 1pm.  This was after a crazy spin class but I thought it would be alright. Yesterday's post was also really lame, but I wanted to stay faithful to my self-inflicted disclosure doctrine.

But today I got on the scale and the numbers were better.

One week into my concerted effort to blog and run and such, and I am feeling pretty good. Not Goren good, but solid.

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