Monday, April 29, 2013


This past Friday, after not being able to run more than a half mile without extreme pain on Tuesday, I finally saw a doctor.  I went into the room expecting to walk out in a boot but I still wanted to put up a strong front.

I said, "My ankle hurts and has for about three months. I am running a marathon next Sunday. What can we do?"

The PA took notes, asked questions, a few of which had to do with my sanity for running as long as I did on a painful ankle.  Then the doctor came in and put it on the table.

It is official: I have been running for the past three months on a sprained ankle. To be more specific it is a Grade 2 Anterior tabofibular ligament sprain.

Well what does that mean?  For a normal person that would mean I would stop running and get physical therepy for a few weeks and continue to mend my weak ligament over the course of a month or so.

But for me, it means I am going to PT for five straight days, then getting on a flight to Tacoma to run my marathon.

But like I said, I got a plan. #OperationGLOOMA is in full effect and making great progress on the South Western front, otherwise known as my left ankle. #OperationGLOOMA or "Get Liquid Out Of My Ankle" is a complex project with many players, exercises, ultra-sound, ibuprofen, ice packs, and swimming pools.  Getting the liquid out will enable the fibers of the ligament to reattach and provide additional stability for my race. So you better believe I am all in on this week long campaign to win the war.

After my first PT appointment, on the same afternoon as my morning doctor's appointment, I raced over to Sports Basement to pick up a brace and goggles.  The brace helped as soon as I put it on; the goggles just looked funny while I sat on the 22 bus to get home. I did get my own seat though. A win in my book.

Over the weekend I swam for 30 minutes and rode a stationary bike for an hour (without TV as a distraction) if that gives you any idea of my dedication. I hadn't planed to swim for 30 minutes, but for the full hour of open swim at the JCCSF. However, that is really difficult and I didn't want to be super sore the week before the race.  Considering I have enough to worry about, being unable to get my hands above my head seemed like something to avoid.

So I got out and dressed in my short red running shorts (which I wore to swim because I never wear them to run because they are really short), an old Grateful Dead tie-dye shirt, black socks and sneakers to sit on the bike for an hour. Then I did balancing and foam rolling. I was that guy...but it is all in the name of #OperationGLOOMA.

This morning I had my second PT appointment and there has been some improvement in the strength and stability which is all we can hope for at this point.

As the week goes on I hope to provide a few updates on #OperationGLOOMA and then you best believe I will provide a mile-by-mile account of the Tacoma City Marathon, even if I do DNF after a few miles.


Dan said...

You crazy bastard. Good luck.

Adam L. Barr said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Dan on this one. Good luck.

Donald C. Cutler said...

You know that's right. Thanks guys.