Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No Hair for Flowers

37,965 feet in the air and 971 miles to go on my way to San Francisco where I will be living.


Lots has happened since last I blogged, but I have this funny feeling that I will be hitting this forum up just a bit more over the next few months.

Here is why:

1. I am moving across the country
This is a significant change for me. A few facts to inform this move... I did grow up in California, I did leave as soon as I graduated in a pilgrimage of sorts to the Mecca of all things - New York City. I did said I would be happy living there forever. Then I got all married and my lovely wife said she wouldn't live in New York forever. So yeah. There is that. Now we are moving. (This is a slightly abridged version of reality.)

Granted neither of us were "ready" to leave but I suppose that makes it better; leaving at the top of your game is better than going all Brett Favre. So I am moving.

2. You may have noticed I am using the phrase "I am moving..."
That is right. I am moving out first. It is like in the time of Oregon Trail where the husband goes West to foster a homestead and then sends word for his family. Except this time I am blogging and Gchatting with my wife from my plane. I will still watch out for dysentery as I work from 1 Market Plaza with a view of the Bay Bridge...

The lovely wife is finishing up her degree at Columbia and is coming out in May. She will be looking for a gig, so if you know of any great jobs for a Developmental Psych Master's candidate with years of experience with special needs populations, hit a brother up.

3. I kinda miss writing.
So I will do more of it. However, I also plan to read more. I have been told that to be a good writer you have to be a good reader. And while last year was the first time I ever had a successful New Year's Resolution, I will give it a shot again this year. Last year's was easy: run 1,200 miles*. Simple. Just 100 a month. I destroyed last year's goal by over 160 miles and took most of December off due to travel and work.

This year I will write here some more and perhaps even regularly and I will read 10 books. This will be hard for me. Never being a good reader and always a slow one, I need to feel a book is worth my time and rarely do I feel that a book I can get lost in is worth my time. I force myself into "important" reading and then get pissy that it takes so long. But this year, I will not do that.

I have three books with me in my bags, and I will read them by March. I need to be a better reader, before I become a better writer. So I will read this year.

4. I will be running in a new city with new stuff to complain write about.
For those of you in the NYC running community still reading my blog, you know we complain like it was our job. But I am sure that won't happen in the land of Fruits and Nuts. So I am excited to talk about our hippy-dippy trail runs and vegan energy foods and more minimalist running and actually naked runs.

Finally, I will write a bit about my aim to break 3:45 this November as I provide a swift backhand to 26.2 miles of New York City's finest streets. I didn't blog about my Philly run, nor did I provide a re-cap (Goal A was missed, Goal B was hit if you use the old Boston Qualifying rules as I crossed to the Rocky Theme Song at 4:00:11) but that was less out of laziness and more out of not needing to contribute to the well populated blogosphere without any sort of reason. Now I have more of a reason (see 3).
So that is my story and my outlook for 2012. We have close friends having a baby. We have close friends getting married. We have close friends finishing school. We are moving across the country. 2012 will be eventful to be sure and perhaps interesting enough for you to read about here on this blog.

603 miles to go...

*Yes I know that is a lot of miles and most people think that is crazy town but I don't and in reality it wasn't that hard, for me. All people should be proud of their own accomplishments, so get off my back and let me deal with my crazy. Thanks.

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