Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It isn't the new 25

It has happened: I am older than the people on the shows that are cool. Schmidt's 29th birthday extravaganza put it all in prospective.

Yup, sometime soon* I will enter the last year of my twenties. Granted I am in a pretty snazzy position: Married, employed, moderately fast, dashingly good looking. But still being almost 30 is somewhat strange. 30 is old. Period.

A bit of history to illustrate. As a child, I didn't like turning a new year because I wasn't done yet with being whatever year I was that past year.

At some point, after years of wonderful and fun and exciting birthday parties thrown by my parents, I actually started hating my birthday much in the way that I hate Christmas. There was no reason to celebrate me on my birthday. My mom did the work on this day whatever many years ago, not me. And from what I have been told, I was not very helpful either.

But this year I will be down in LA hanging out with my dad (My mom is in NYC, where I used to live, but don't anymore). It is my last 20s birthday and I just going to watch some football, eat some food and relax. Perhaps I will get in a 15 mile run. (Most likely I will work a bunch too.)

But this is exactly what I want to do and sounds like a perfect birthday for me. I still hate my birthday but for the most part I am over the not wanting to become the next year. But for some reason this one is a bit different. I would appear that this is the last meaningless birthday before the next one that matters and then it is just big ones that are associated with negativity.

Ach. Who knows.

*Not telling you what day.

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