Sunday, January 8, 2012

San Francsico Stereotypes

Today I took a long run through Golden Gate Park. This is a beautiful urban space filled with manicured lawns, semi-man-made water falls and the natural beauty of red woods and moss.

There were very few people on the road running or biking at about 7am making the park's canopy of gigantic trees feel almost cave like. A number of dogs were very pleased with the emptiness of the park as well as the ball they were chasing.

I ran past a group of about 20 older Asian women, who I assumed were about to take part in a Tai Chi exercise. They were lined up ready to take part in their morning exercise and I was pleased to share the quiet of the Sunday with them.

The man standing in the front of the group then went to a bench, flipped a switch and out of the silent morning mist comes blasting "Drunken Sailor" leading to a fabulous Irish line dance from this group of older Asian women.

San Francisco is all about expecting the unexpected.

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