Friday, January 13, 2012

At the Speed of Business

Look. I get it. San Francisco is all hip and cool. The pace is slower and the nights are shorter and for sure the weather is better than New York. Over all things are easier here in California. But for the love of God! Could you walk a bit faster?

It is like everyone in this town is a tourist in Time Square mesmerized by the lights and sounds.

Put your head down, watch where you are going and get there, faster.

I would understand if this was along Fisherman's Wharf or in Union Square but in the middle of the Financial District? Come on people, we have stuff to do and we have places to go. Put down the iPad and individually and intentionally brewed Blue Bottle Coffee and get out of the way.


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Robin said...

I am totally reading through your moving-to-SF-from-NYC transition posts since I will be doing so myself and I have similar goals (for August, when I'll be moving) to those you had when you did - meet runners, make friends (Jewish = even better), etc. And I love this: "But for the love of God! Could you walk a bit faster?" :)