Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Today is gonna be a good day

Yesterday, I woke up and told myself regardless of any thing going on at work or in life, I would have a good day. And I did. I was repaid today with a 6am conference call and an optical migraine.

But I am still aiming for a good day.

A few lesson for this day:
1. Delivery Food is not good in San Francisco.
If you have to drive in a car to deliver the food and you are not a pizza guy, you are most likely delivering tepid dinner. And no one likes tepid dinner.

2. When given the choice of no MSG, take it.
Never had a problem before with this magical additive, but after some medical research (read: Googling) I learned that MSG may be a cause of migraines. So, even if it isn't the cause of this mornings aura's and crushing head pain, it makes you hungry after eating as if you had never seen food before and it is made in vats. I don't like thinking about eating stuff that comes in a vat.

3. Of course there is construction taking place outside of my office today.
My old office looked onto the East Side Access project. That resulted in months of drilling and blasting. Now, with the remnants of a migraine, there are some bastards "fixing the street" below my window.
However, the headache is subsiding thanks to generic Execdrine. I was really worried when the person at the drug store told me there was an Execdrine recall. I was like you got to be kidding but thankfully the cheap kind I was going to get anyway wasn't recalled and works pretty well.

The sun is now working its way through the clouds, I am going to get lunch at the Farmer's Market (because I ate mine after the not-Excedrine kick in) and hopefully I will feel 100% tonight for track fun.

Like I said, today will be a good day.

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