Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All Quite on the Western Front

The three hour delay due to fog, which I gather happens more often than not, made me sure that my carefully scheduled afternoon would be completely shot. It was not. I got to Best Buy to pick up the TV I needed for the cable and internet set up and was back to the apartment in time to take delivery of a very comfortable bed. I am now sitting in my place in San Francisco (granted on the packaging from my new TV).

I got my Clipper Card today and even took the bus without asking for help. I will pick up my Zipcar card tomorrow before I head into the office. It would appear, beside the lack of seating, that my apartment and "life" is shaping up well here in San Francisco.

Now I need to figure out this eating on a regular schedule thing. I think once I get some plates and whatnot that will become easier. Those will be here on Friday, special delivery from Mom and Dad.

Anyone have suggestions for dinner in the Pac Heights/ Laural Heights area?

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