Thursday, December 27, 2012

The once and future blog post

In four days the year will be over.  Thankfully.

While I have discussed that I am happy the year is coming to an end, it is my duty as a blogger to indulge in the self-indulgent review of my achievements.

On Keeping Resolutions
This January I said that I would read 10 books and run over 1,200 miles this year. I kept both of these resolutions.  In fact I exceed my goal by 2.5 books (possibly 3 after my trip this coming weekend) and over 230 miles.
Best Books I Read:
-- Non-Fiction - Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell.
-- Fiction - The Brothers Ashkenazi  by I.J. Singer
-- Running Related - Running the Rift by Naomi  Benaron
Best Runs I Ran:
-- Race - First Place Fat Boy - Fleet Feet Tulsa Turkey Trot
-- Training Run - The Marathon that wasn't
-- Long-run - SFRRC's first run to Tiburon. 
Not during a "Best Run" - CIM, 2012
On San Francisco
I moved here on January 3, 2012 by myself.  The first four months in this city were strange. I met a number of great people but I didn't live with my wife (or any of our stuff).  It was hard.  And it stayed that way for a long time. (For details please see posts from the first four months of this year.)

Due to major changes in my work life, everything was up in the air for two months in the months after Abby moved out to join me.  I didn't know if it made sense to move back to New York or to wait it out here. Abby had yet to find career based employment. Our apartment started to fall apart. And it just was sucking in general.

But then it started to change.

The views are pretty fantastic around here.
In late September (I think) we decided to give it our all and actively make friends, find our places, make a home, and other such stuff for one full month.  We did it and it worked. We are staying. Go team San Francisco.

While we don't pretend to be San Franciscans (or whatever you call yourself when you are from here)  we aren't dying to go back to New York anymore. It took 11 months to feel comfortable here but this is now home.

On other things that happened that I am pleased about
  • Abby and I moved twice in six months and didn't kill each other. 
  • I was appointed to the San Francisco Road Runners Club Board of Directors and assumed the role of Vice President, Marketing. More or less this means I have access to the club's Facebook page and I make funny posts about running and such. 
  • I PR'ed at CIM and the Turkey Trot. 
  • I helped get a guy fired for being a sexist dick
  • We got to see old friends more than we have in the past six years.
  • The United States elected the right person to be President. (Congress leave a lot to be desired but I don't really expect much more from them anyway.)
So in a vain attempt to get you to comment here, what are you pleased about from this last year?

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