Friday, December 21, 2012

Change in the Marathoning Plan

So as soon as I announced my race schedule for next year I had to change it. The change is for a fantastic reason and had nothing to do with weather so don't worry. Now I am looking for a cheap, fun, and local fall marathon. Due the reason I have to change race dates, I would like to be running in October or very late September.

Here are few of the top choices in no real order. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Morgan Hill Marathon - October 20, 2013
This is currently my top choice because of location and other such things but I am not sure yet.
  • It is an hour or so away
  • All in would cost about $200.
  • It seems like it could be scenic and in a pretty area.
  • It will be smaller
  • It won't have a lot of "umph"
  • There are a few very tight switch backs on the course
  • It will be small
Lake Tahoe Marathon - September 30, 2013
I have always loved Tahoe and running there is why not race there right?
  • It will be unbelievably beautiful
  • It will be nice and cool
  • It will be easy to get an ice bath after
  • Did I mention it will be pretty?

  • It is on a mountain and will have very little oxygen to breath 
  • It is on a mountain so it will be hilly
  • It is on a mountain so I will have to get used to the elevation a few days in advance and maybe even do some training up there.
  • It is on a mountain
Nike Women's Marathon - October 2013 (Can't find a website)
I watched the race this year and I kind of want the Tiffany charm.
  • It is fun with lots of people
  • It is in San Francisco so I can sleep at home
  • There is very good support along the course 

  • It is a big race for people who don't train as hard as they should
  • It is a women's race and I don't want to take away from that or a space from a woman who wants to race.
  • It is in San Francisco so it is hilly as a mofo
Napa Wine Country Marathon - October 26, 2013
Who doesn't like wine country and shamefully we have yet to get up there.  So this could be a winner.
  • This is a small race
  • It is in Napa in the fall, so pretty
  • It is pretty close to home and starts late enough that I could sleep at home
  • It is a trail run
  • It won't be well supported or have fans
  • With my luck it will be a muddy hell

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