Saturday, December 1, 2012

Final Thoughts - CIM

We are checked in at the hotel and ready to run in whatever is given to us here in Sacramento.

All set.

So some parting thoughts:
I am sucker for things my "friends" blog about
Today, after reading blogs of people I do not know rant and rave about nuun, I purchased two tubes of nuun.  Granted I have a few real friends who use the product and like it very much, and I can see why. I spent the afternoon enjoying some Tri-Berry nuun as I hydrated for the race. So thanks to and Sweaty Emily I am a nuun-vert. Well played nuun, your investment in these bloggers worked. Completely.

The expo was small but lovely
The expo was pretty small with few different vendors from other smaller races. However, the people were very nice and everyone was excited. I spoke for a few minutes with a 15 year vet of the race and everyone was smiling.  I really needed that.  The vibe (and the free stuff) really got me through my early morning nerves.

Going to the movies was smart.
We went to see Argo and that was GREAT. We spent more than two hours completely distracted and engrossed in a movie.  Mind you we knew what would happen and still couldn't take our eyes off the screen. I was totally distracted from the afternoon jitters. And they were coming on strong so this fantastic movie was a really good call.

It is also great to see people you know
Last night and today we hung out with our good friends Dan and Karla, who just got engaged. We had a lovely dinner and watched West Wing last night and today had a very chill brunch at Fox and Goose.  It was just relaxing to hang out and be around people who know you and your crazy.

The weather can kiss my ass
It is going to suck, but it will suck for all of us.  The race is on and it will be wet. 
I want to take this time to thank my lovely wife for supporting me throughout what hasn't been the easiest year and what has clearly been the most trying of my early marathoning life. Without her and her support, there is no way I would have made it here.

And yes I told her that personally too.


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Robin said...

woop woop! excited for you! best of luck tomorrow :)