Monday, December 24, 2012

Movin' Out

We moved. I wish it was as much fun as the musical by Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp.  While it couldn't have been much easier than it was, moving sucks a lot.

We listened to Bill but didn't dance like Twyla

Our new place is about .15 miles away from our old place but it may as well be on another planet.  When I first moved to San Francisco I wanted to live in a place that at least looked like Full House, which meant that it had to be an older building.  I was extremely lucky to find a place that was perfectly located in the middle of a neighborhood that I liked and was convienent to the express bus.  But that was about it.

I didn't live there, or even close. 
But we have friends that live close to it so it is cool
After living there for a few months, it became clear that that place was a one year only kind of place, or two at the absolute most.  The square footage was a few hundred sq/ft bigger than our place in New York but more than 200 sq/ft were wasted, the kitchen was crap, the heat didn't work, the windows were akin to stretched plastic wrap, the walls leaked, and I could go on and on. But I won't.  Instead, after they raised the rent, we moved.

As soon as the wall was leaking we put in our 30 day notice and started looking for a new place.

Abby hit Craig's List hard and found a great place at a pretty good price.  Unfortunately it had an open house the weekend we were in Sacramento for CIM. We were sure it wasn't going to happen because of its killer location, its 1.5 bathrooms and WASHER AND DRYER.  It also has a parking space and a huge backyard. It is small but completely liveable and really well laid out.

After we got the place we were had the keys to both places for a little over two weeks.  We took a few trips in a ZipCar with books and nicknacks, and I walked the big blue Ikea bag filled with our kitchen's stuff over about 10 times.  This past weekend, with help from Daniel (my former boss's nanny's husband), we got all of our stuff out of the old place, into a Uhaul van, and in place at the new place in an hour and a half. Complete win in my book.

We forgot about two walking loads of little stuff in the kitchen, so while we finished up using the money on the laundry card, we walked our stuff over and then we were done. We went out to eat at a lovely Vietnamese-ish restaurant and passed out.  A good but long day.  Oh yeah it was raining for most of the day.

So we are completely moved in and just have to hang stuff on the walls and put  few more boxes away (hence no pictures in this post). But here is that picture of the washer and dryer again.

So hot right now.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed I told Abby that I love this apartment.  Full House, like all TV shows, is fake.  Old decrepit buildings managed by offsite companies only interested in the tax rebate do not make for a great land lords.  Small bathrooms with no storage also are a no go.

But more than that, our new place is a joint venture and we are settled. Abby has a career-based job that starts in the new year, we have social circle, and we have our places. I can finally say I feel at home.

New York will always hold my heart but I am happy to call San Francisco my home. You could say: My heart is in the East, and I am at the ends of the West...but you can take out the rest of that overtly Zionist stuff.

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