Friday, November 23, 2012


A few months ago I realized that I wanted to win a road race.

Now we all know that wanted and having are two very different things.  While I work very hard at my running and train hard, I am never going to be the fastest dude on the course.  I am also currently in the age group of the guy who tends to win the entire race.

But I am fat, giving me my chance to sneak in for a win in the Clydesdale division.* 

A very well run race. Nice work Fleet Feet
I have decried this division in the past, but it is a chance for bigger guys to win something. I don't know where my drive to come in first in something came from, and if you really break it down you could say winning the Clydesdale division isn't winning but I would come back with shut your face.

Since signing up for the Tulsa Turkey Trot I have been gunning for first place fat boy...and today I won the Clydesdale division. I even got a coffee mug with a spoon trophy.


The race was good and I actually was able to pace pretty much to plan. The gun was really a gun, it is Oklahoma after all, and to be honest I was a little frightened of the shot that started the race. It was really loud.

I followed the racing instructions that were in last month's Runner's World or possibly the last Running Times that recommended using the race day excitement for a fast first mile, run a bit slower for the second mile, and then gun it to the end. The splits were 6:41, 7:11, 6:45, 5:45 (for .13, according to the watch).

The real plan was to run a 6:40ish, 6:50, 6:45, and gun the end.  So that is pretty good on a cold day, a hilly course (yes Tulsa has hills), and headwinds in EVERY DIRECTION. Pretty sure the 'stash was the drag on the second mile; it can really slow you down. I crossed the finish in 21:22 and was very pleased. I would have like to break 20 minutes, but that really wasn't happening today.

There were other weight class divisions starting at 170lbs, but traditionally Clydesdale divisions start at 200lbs so I feel like I won over all fat boy. If you count the 170lb guy who beat me by 1 second, I came in second over all in the fat boy division, but 170lbs isn't that big.

It might also be worth noting that I came in 6th in my age division and 29th over all in a race of about 490.  The guy who won the race was in my division so that is pretty good if you ask me. **UPDATED**

After all the fun of coming in first place fat boy, it is time to get serious about CIM. Next week at this time I will be on my way to Sacramento and carbing up like it is my job. While there is a Clydesdale division at CIM, I don't think I will be taking home any mugs trophies from Sacramento...however, I am really excited to kick my PR to the curb.

Happy Thanksgiving all.
*I think I am fat and I know others will say I am not...I say shut up and I am dealing with my size as I see fit so back off.  Thanks.

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