Wednesday, November 7, 2012


With one week of scruff on my face, I had wanted to have pushed my man-cancer-facial-hair-race a bit more this month, but something came up. Regardless of natural disasters, men are still getting cancer and research still needs to be funded…so I am growing a mustache.

Here are some stats about man cancers, some of which I just made up:
  1. 100% of men are at risk of man cancers.
  2. 97.5% of men don’t mind getting checked for man cancers; in fact they kind of liked it.
  3. 72% of men vigorously self-check for man cancers.  100% of them like it.
  4. Early detection of man cancers increase the likelihood of the man surviving.
Man cancer is bad news.  Even without my fake stats above, testicular and prostate cancer kill entirely too many men every year.  Because of the Breast Cancer Awareness bonanza, pink-washing and all, women have begun to take significantly better care of themselves in this regard and now have wonderful research to rely upon if their awareness finds something bad.

 You could say the mustache is the pink ribbon of November.  My current plan is to just let the beard go for two weeks and then get rid of everything but the stash.  This will make for the best awareness building tool and hopefully fundraising juggernaut.

But most importantly, I now have the excuse, nay obligation to sport the creepiest of facial hair options.  I am so excited about wearing a mustache.  I also hope to raise a few dollars for cancer research.  But more, this is about the facial hair.

So throw me a few bones as I grow my stash.  The more you give, the bigger the stash will grow, I think.  Give the most you get to choose the style for the last week of November.  If you give big money, I will continue to wear the stash during the California International Marathon.  That Monday I will shave because I am sure my wife would like that…and I am not hipster scrum.

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