Friday, November 2, 2012

I am running, for now

The Expo was packed.
Sitting on the shuttle bus back to Grand Central, Abby and I spoke to two women from Westchester who are without power, water, or heat but are now with their bibs for the marathon. One couldn't drive her car to the train station because the huge trees that used to provide shade in her front yard are now barricading her street.

They were conflicted about the race but they are running it because it is on.  And I feel the same way.

But it seems that rumors are flying on a cancellation.

Regardless of if it is canned or we run on Sunday, I will say that I am still unbelievably torn about the event.  There has been a long back-and-forth on my Facebook page about my last post in which many of my friends, calmly and respectfully, shared differing opinions.  And I respect that. We heard both we should for sure run and we should for sure not.

One thing that seems to be completely out of place are the threats of violence against runners. There is no place for that. It isn't the runner's fault nor should we be blamed for running.  Those who choose not to run are right and those of us who choose to run are also right.  The people who are wrong here are threatening to storm the course or throw eggs at us. If you have time to throw food at me, you have time to do what you think I should be doing.

All I can say is that this is a PR disaster made completely by NYRR and the Mayor. I would have been extremely disappointed if the race was canceled but I would have understood. But now the rage of the storm has a face and that is Mary Wittenberg and every other runner who toes the line. People are mad and will make poor choices.

Now, if the mob keeps growing, and keeps threatening bodily harm, the "for now" might change.  I remain unbelievably conflicted about this race.

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