Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We wern't nervous..but we were hungry - The Sohpia Grace & Rosie Sensation

Admit it. You think they are cute. Well, that is because they are. They represent pure childhood fantasy and they have no problem being on camera. In fact they love it.

The Ellen Show, a place where dancing around and having fun is not only encouraged, it is scheduled, has been featuring these British Bombshells for a few months now and I got to say, they are pretty fantastic.

How can't you smile at this?

In an age of reality TV "stars" it is nice to see kids just having a blast and knowing that what they are doing is something unbelievably special. They are cute, funny, and normal little girls with some talent. My friend said they are a perfect mixture of Shirley Temple and Russel Brand. That pretty much sums it up, but they are much more talented than Brand.

Yup, went there.

But more than being turned off by reality stars and enjoying the purity of these girls' joy, it is really nice to see hard core personalities smile big for cute little fans. Flo Rida, as you know, doesn't take his shades off for anyone but he did in fact put them on the Rosie.

We like to see the crazy people take a minute to talk to mere mortals and be more interested in the mere mortals than what they are wearing. We like the fact that multi-platinum recoding artists will have a bubble party if asked, in a British accent.

Too much of what we watch is fake, sexualized, or violent. It is refreshing just to watch two little kids loose their minds over talking with jaded super stars, and watching the jaded super stars' reactions.

We also like the fact that these kids are kids. The episode in which the girls go to Disneyland is adorable. And then they wow us with an original rap and song. And right after that, they lose their minds for gifts from The Ellen Show. They hug and thank Ellen in the only-dogs-can-hear pitch that little girls can achieve, and Ellen takes it all in smiling and going to break.

I guess we like the raw emotion of it all. And it is really cute.

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