Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An additional benefit

When Abby and I were dating, we did the long distance thing for about six months before she moved to New York. At the beginning it was hard but doable. We both had jobs with a bit more flexibility than we do now and we were young and in love and stuff.

In fact, the long distance thing was even a bit fun. We went out on dates and got to plan for our time together; every second of being together was extremely special. We were really into each other and it was always great to spend time together. The day-to-day stuff was put off for six months and is the reason so many long distance things don't work when people are in the same place.

A little too cute, but a good visual.

When we were apart we talked more than daily, but we both had other stuff going on in our lives and we were just starting the process of building a life together.

Now it is a bit harder to do this long distance thing. Nearly every day for the past five years, minus some business trips and vacations, we have been together. So that sucks. However, it is really exciting to see each other when we do get to be together. It is like a low risk long distance dating relationship, but we are already married.

Yeah, I know I'm totally reaching for the positive here.

So don't get me wrong, this still sucks but the excitement of getting on the flight, and getting to "her" place or she getting to "my" place is fun. The anticipation reminds me of those first six months, but there is an end in sight and each visit means we are closer to living like normal people again.

This is a long way of saying I get to see my lovely wife tomorrow morning. There aren't really words to describe how excited I am about this. But clearly I am feeding my ego by writing (with words) about it here and having you read about it.

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