Monday, February 6, 2012

One Benefit

One of the only benefits of not living with my lovely wife is that I can grow facial hair.

That represents about two weeks of bearding. And while I like the idea of not shaving and sporting the hipster identification card, it really isn't me.

While I could pretend that there are deeply philosophical and socioeconomical reasons behind my aversion to beards, if I was being honest, I would have to tell you I don't have the patience have it grow in for real. So I had some fun with the trimmer.

So I tried the 1995 look:
But I don't have any more flannel.

And the Gigity look:
Even I was creeped out by this shot.

And then the perfect balance!

However, as it is one benefit of being alone, I do get to see my lovely wife this week and if for only a few days not be alone. So I will shave and this creepy thing will be gone.

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