Monday, April 23, 2012

Sports can be great

I love this ad.

As the kid who stood on the sideline more often than I started and a fan of the team that always finds a way to loose, this ad speaks to me.  I love the story behind the game.  Those ESPN specials about the star getting there early to help the new guy are better than any Top 10 play list. The love of the game but the respect of the process...I love it.

This winter and spring have provided the opportunity to watch many more sporting events than I have watched in the recent past.  Why, I don't know but for some reason there are no complaints if I watch an hour of Greco Roman Olympic Trials or some other craziness of a Sunday I may have yesterday.

Sports have a funny way of bringing out the best and worst in people.  But when done correctly, even the worst of people seems to be fun in context.  I heard third-person tales of a producer on Moneyball bringing dirt from the new (and fake) Yankee Stadium into Fenway during the shooting of the film so to continue the Curse of the Bambino. (If you have to learn about this via Wikipedia, we aren't friends anymore).  Then there was that guy that buried an Ortiz jersey in the new (and fake) Yankee Stadium to curse the Yankees

Needless to say, I think the dirt guy won.

But sports and being a fan, if done well, can be cause for standing up and being really excited. We could win or we could also lose; but there is always next year.  The start of the race is unbelievable and the finish line is always the best thing you have ever seen. Two down, full count, and bottom of the 9th are three of the best and most nerve-wracking descriptions that have found their way into sentences from Fenway to Bush Stadium to Chavez Ravine, and to just down the street. There is always a Cinderella and you know you want it to beat Kentucky.

Nothing deep and powerful to say...just that this ad is great and it reminds me of the greatness of sports.

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