Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Racing Again

This coming weekend I will race again.

I have not run a 10K race in a long time and I am both excited and a bit worried. My last race at this distance was on a fantastic day for running and I was in great shape. But now I feel like a slob and am way behind in my goal distance for the year. Not to mention my hamstring doesn't seem to like the idea of running up hills all the time.

Current 10K PR = 48:21 (7:40 pace) 

I am nearly certain I can't keep that up for the 6.3 miles. I will try but I don't see it happening. The real bummer in that personal failing is that if I can't keep that pace for a 10K there is no way I will PR next month at the Brooklyn Half. (I need an 8:00 pace for 13.1 miles.)

So yeah, this is a downer post but I am hoping it will help me get back to running more as I have semi-publicly announced that I want to get this goal.

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