Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Word of the Day is Liar

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When I was in fifth grade, my class took a trip to Sacramento to do gold rush stuff, take pictures, and eat too much candy in Old Town Sac. But there are two things that I remember most from this trip.  My dad came along as a chaperone and we watched a comedy show, which I think was In Living Color, in which they spoofed a kids' show with a word of the day.

The word of the day was liar. L I A R, Liar.  The bit was way above my head at the time but the adults who were in the room thought it was really funny, and the kids just laughed along.

This is a long way of saying that the spelling of liar in that sing-song kids' show way was ringing through my head while reading Paul Ryan's speech from last night. (Yeah, I don't watch. I just read in the morning. Better than coffee to get you moving.)

But this morning the liberal Internets exploded with claims of FOX News calling Ryan a liar. This claim is just a lazy and untruthful as his speech.

Sally Kohn, an opinion contributor to FOX News' website, is a left-wing, community-organizing, feminist with a history of working for foundations and organizations that support equality for LGBT Americans. Sounds like the typical FOX News contributor, right?

Kohn's history sounds very similar to my political history, so let's stop pretending this lone-wolf progressive in the regressive wilderness that is FOX's coverage means FOX News called Paul Ryan a liar.  In fact it simply shows that FOX News' website knows how to piss off its consumers.

The cheap joke here would be to say they piss off their consumers by telling the truth...but in reality, FOX gives a bit of space to a liberal to stir the pot and keep readers on the site.

You know how long it took me to investigate why FOX News was calling Ryan a liar? Three minutes. 

Thus far, I have been shocked, why I am not sure, by the number of lies or misrepresentations put forth by GOP Convention. However, I am equally dismayed by the liberal reaction.

So this goes for both sides: We have a lot to disagree about, think we can focus on the real issues instead of the bullshit? 

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