Monday, June 11, 2012

The Long Run

A few months ago this ridiculously photogenic guy photo-bombed his way  on the meme and running scene.  I am more of the belief that if you are running a road race and look really good in your pictures, you aren't working hard enough...and I am not alone.

Not to knock the really good looking dude, but races should be hard.  After months (or weeks depending on your distance) of training, you toe the line and push your body to do its best on that day.  That is what makes racing fun.  It is hard, it is challenging, and you may look like that kid who likes turtles, but you run hard and win.  That is the best part of racing.

Before the end of the year I have three important races on the calendar, and while the NYC Marathon is clearly the biggest of my year, the other two might be more fun and, in the longer term, more important.

SFRRC's 1st Annual 5K Race
In August, my running chums with the SFRRC will be hosting a 5K.  This race is filled with local favorites, cool prizes, and a flat course (which is nothing to sneeze at in San Francisco).  But most importantly, it will be our little club's first race.  We are really excited to host the runner's of San Francisco and around the Bay Area.  So, as a member of the planning committee, a SFRRC member, and just a runner, I invite you to join us on August 5th for your opportunity to have really ugly pictures for your race collection.

Then in September I will be running the Chicago Half Marathon with my sister. I am super excited that I get to run a half in a new city and do it with my sister -- who also has a picture from her last race that could be a top ten for Seriously Ugly Race Pics. This is going to be great run, will fit perfectly into my training schedule for the marathon in New York, and gives me a good excuse to go to Chicago and eat whatever the hell I want, which is always the best.

So, in summary, there will be lots of ugly pictures but more fun stories about racing hard.  I hope to see you on the course.

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