Monday, May 23, 2011

It has been so long

This feels like that first conversation with the ex that you are forced into because of reunion or happenstance places you at the same airport bar during a layover. So lets get the small talk out of the way.

Here are the top 5 reasons I haven't called blogged when I said I would:

1. I have been working a lot.
Work has made it harder to blog, because I have had to you know, work. While I loved having the six people who read this when I was actually working hard to get people to read this, it didn't seem worth any of our time for me to come home and blog about nothing after working for 10 hours. I hope you understand, it wasn't you, it was about really me.

2. My volunteer responsibilities have expanded. A lot.
So I am now the Co-Chair of my Temple's Social Action Committee, The Reform Jewish Voice of New York State and serve on the Temple Board of Trustees. And as New York State becomes more entangled in the fight for Marriage Equality, my time is being taken away from this blog and pushed towards more important things like equality for all people in this great state. This is something I really care about and hope that you care about as well. If you live in New York, call your State Senator today. If you live out side of the state please give some coin to New Yorkers United for Marriage (or to RJV...that is cool too).

RJV leadership meeting with State Senator Liz Krueger on May 16, 2011 in Albany

3. I have been running, a lot.
It has become an addiction, a healthy one, but an addiction all the same. I am shooting for 1,200 miles by December 31, 2011 and I am well on my way. I will be training for the Philly Marathon in November over the summer and am most likely going to run The Memorial Day Marathon in Van Cortlandt Park. I have run five Half Marathons and bested my time in each one. To be honest, I could write a lot more about running in this post, but really we are here for excuses and running is going to turn into more of a topic for this blog (duh) and I will hold off for now.

4. I have found someone else.
Hi my name is dcc and I am addicted to Twitter. Armed with a smart phone complete with camera and Twitter aps, I am just simply out of control. Unlike my above mentioned running addiction, this one isn't so healthy. I won't quite but I will at least try to call blog a bit more to complement my 140 character bursts of brilliance.

5. This relationship was really a lot of work.
But I am willing to try again. Inspired by many of my running chums and their successful blogs along with a number of the food blogs my lovely wife reads on a regular bases I have decided, once again, to give this a go. And again, who knows how long this bad boy will be live.

But here is the goal: I will post three times a week for a month and I will do my best to mix up the topics. Today is about excuses, tomorrow the world!

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Larry Kaufman said...

Welcome back. All will be forgiven if you keep your pledge.

Being of the University of Chicago generation that was inculcated with the greatest of all Hutchinisms (Hutchins was the wunderkind innovator Chancellor of the UC) -- Whenever I feel the need for exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes -- I'll favor your food blogs and your political blogs over your runnng blogs -- and hope you'll add a category for Jewish blogs that can be cross-posted to the Reform Judaism blog at (You didn't mention your membership on its Editorial Board among your extra-curricular activities.)