Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The most honest “ask” you will ever get

Dear friend,

Ever really needed to go? You know you have! Especially when it is cold outside? Oh yeah me too. Just this week, I was running along in Central Park when, well…I needed to utilize the facilities. With temperatures hovering in-and-around 15 degrees Fahrenheit, complete with a frosty wind chill making it feel more like negative two, I was worried for any number of reasons.
One: It was really cold and an unheated … facility would have been undesirable.
Two: If it were heated and not clean…also undesirable.
However, thanks to the dedicated and tireless staff of the Central Park Conservancy, I was able to have both a heated and clean facility at 7:30 am. Make a small deposit to ensure we can all use the Park for years to come! Your donation serves to provide warm, clean bathrooms (and other stuff) in Central Park.



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