Friday, August 6, 2010

TheDCC Runs (a lot)

After five years of watching intrepid souls pound their way past our apartment running in the ING NYC Marathon, I am thrilled to report that I am going to join their ranks, strapping on my shoes, short shorts and neat-o running shirt to navigate 26.2 miles of New York City streets. This, like many of my best choices in life (see: "going to Jewish summer camp in Texas and meeting future wife"), was done "just because."

I received an email from the Union Settlement Association about opportunities to run in this year's ING NYC Marathon on Thursday July 8th. I read the email, thought about it over the weekend (even though my mind was made up) and signed up on Monday the 12th. To my surprise and delight, I got my welcome to the team letter this week and am now training like a mad man, including running more than I ever thought I could four days a week.

While I have been making great strides (sorry about that) in my training, I need your help. The Union Settlement Association is an organization that has been serving the East Harlem community since 1895, fostering community leadership and self-sufficiency by helping local residents build better lives for themselves and their families. I first learned of this organization through a partner at my firm about two years ago and have been interested in their work ever since. In signing up to run on the Union Settlement Team, I have pledged to raise $2,500 to support their work.

They have set up a web page to provide donations to your favorite runner (you are going to want to pick me) and ways to learn more about Union Settlement.

The last couple of years have been challenging for everyone, certainly for those who benefit from the work of the Union Settlement. While I realize it’s a tough time to ask for money, I ask that you dig deep and support me in this endeavor. If you are able to make a donation, any donation, regardless of the size, thank you for your generosity on behalf of the thousands of people who benefit from the life changing, sustaining and saving services of the Union Settlement Association. It’s an honor for me to run under the banner of the Union Settlement, and I look forward to reaching the double goal of raising $2,500 and finishing the race!

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