Friday, March 1, 2013

28 Days Later

In every sense of the word, February was a success.

I PR'ed the living day lights out of the Kaiser Half, I ran over 30 miles on trails, and Kara Gourcher is totally my new friend.

New chums - dcc and KG
Now I am facing March head on and I hope I'm able to have another epic training month as I get ready for my Marathon in Tacoma on May 5th.  But it doesn't look so good.

I am traveling three out of four weekends in March.  I will be in three cities throughout California in two days during Passover*, which also happens to fall during a pretty high mileage week. And I am going help give a lecture at a University in the area. Busy doesn't really begin to touch it this month.

March is going to be a tough training month but really a great month personally; some highlights:
  • The wife and I celebrate four years of marriage.
  • It is Passover, my favorite holiday.
  • I see my parents a bunch.
  • My sister gets big news for which we all are excited. 
  • It isn't February anymore.
It is easy to get lost in a training program.  It is easy to loss sight of what is important as you get lost in your program. I have been victim to it on a number of occasions.  But luckily, I have lots of other fantastic things in my life.  When I get pissy about a crap run or the occasional missed workout, I get to look back on the better, more important things.

Unlike my new best friend, I am not a professional runner and never will be nor want to be.**  Inevitable set-backs like rolling my ankle or the inability to carb-up well during Passover aren't important in the long-term. Sure I love the PR and the race. But come on? Is it really that important?


Not when you have family and friends and all that other gushy stuff. (Ewwww feelings...) But seriously, I am extremely grateful for all the great people and stuff I have, without which I couldn't dedicate hours upon hours to this frivolous pursuit.

 Happy Friday folks and have a wonderful March.

*For those of you not members of the Running Rabbis and don't know, Passover is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the Exodus and freedom from slavery in Egypt.  As part of that we don't eat leaven bread and in place of it, for eight days, we eat cardboard-like crackers called Matzah.  While rich in carbs, Matzah is also rich in stomach destroying properties, leading to very little nutritional benefit.  Also out for the week is pasta and other easy go to carbs. I will go into greater detail during Passover.

**That said, if someone wants to pay for me to do this, let's talk.

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