Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Response To Ms. Lappin

Council Member Lappin,

Thank you for your response to my email regarding Introduction 272. From your legislative and administrative priorities, it is clear that the most pressing issues facing our City are the safety of and access to our streets. Below is just a partial list of your work saving our streets for the public. I personally thank you for your ongoing action:

* A three hour “Horn Honking Sting” on December 10th with officers of the 19th Precinct at 63rd and York
* Participation in the East Side Streets Coalition’s open meetings this past March
* The extremely important Trafficstat bill you introduced on April 29th that mandates information about dangerous intersections and traffic accidents be published on the web
* Your ongoing crusade against idling

It is clear that you are a true friend of New York pedestrians and are always willing to overwork New York’s Finest for such meaningful causes. And now with Introduction 272, you are changing the rules to target a small group of innovative business owners, providing exciting and diverse food on the streets of our great City, all in the name of keeping our streets safe and open to the public.

But I must ask, why stop at mobile food vendors? Why not introduce legislation calling for additional Parking Enforcement on all of your constituents who park on the streets illegally. After six tickets (I would give these folks just a few more chances than the food vendors) in a 12 month period, drivers will lose their vehicle registration. This of course would be after a review process. That way we wouldn’t have to worry about our streets being congested with some many illegally parked cars and we could get some of the worst polluters off the street. It really doesn’t matter that some of these drivers make their living by driving, what matters is our streets are free of distractions like cars.

One more piece of legislation that would ensure greater public access to the City’s avenues and boulevards is a bill that would remove the meters. That way no one would pay to park in pay to park places illegally. There will be no meter feeding or even coming back to make sure you don’t get a ticket from an over zealous Parking Enforcement Officer. By removing the regressive tax for parking you will make it much easier for working New Yorkers and those who travel into the City work, to park. It would save a lot of money for individuals. But please remember to post the no parking hours clearly so it is possible to enforce the above outlined six strikes you’re out rule.

As you can see Ms. Lappin, while some measures are appropriate to foster street safety and access, others go way too far. Targeting of a group of small business owners, who for the most part, follow the rules as they are outlined by law, serves only to get your name in the paper while hurting people who don’t vote for you or provide donations. I am disappointed that your next campaign for Public Advocate veiled ever so slightly in the guise of legislative agenda supporting seniors and street access, is taking precedence over smart government. Again, I respectfully ask you to withdraw your support for this legislation.

Thank you for your time,

the dcc

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