Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fish Food

As I attempt to reign in my cholesterol, I have taken to eating more fish. The oils are good for you, the meat is tasty and if you do it right it is it can be extremely sustainable. There has been a big rush of crazy fish stories and in honor of my new pesca-intense diet here is a food clip round up:

Carp-et Tariffs
GAVULT! Israel has levied (not like the like Levy’s) a huge and somewhat prohibitive tariff on the import of Asian carp from the US. Why is this a problem, you ask? In that it is spring time, it is almost Passover, and with so many Jews from European roots in the Middle Eastern state, they need to import the gefilte fish for the Seder. (So you know, gefilte is spell checked to guilt) Oy, but don’t worry so much: the fish you have in the back of the fridge will still be fine. (There is an interesting side environmental story as well about the evil Asian carp screwing up the Mississippi River eco-system as well.) NPR

Give me Lox or Give Me Death
A bunch of nutty ultra-Orthodox Rabbis say that Lox is not kosher. In fairness, the less-nutty Orthodox Union has said this is a dumb ruling, but I have never been happier to be a Reform Jew. New York Post UPDATE: The still nutty ultra-Orthodox say the Lox treif issue was a lie, but I am still happy to be a Reform Jew. JTA

Bumble Bee Tuna? Bumble Bee Tuna…
Japan, well known for its less than stellar environmental record thanks to a soft-ball Oscar-award winning documentary about dolphins (when there were many others films about human suffering in places that no one cares about), has let the international community know they can blow it out their collective blow hole (see below) regarding the proposed blue fin tuna fishing ban. Wall Street Journal

The Free Willy Course
A sushi restaurant in LA got nailed by the same people who were upset about killing dolphins in Japan for serving whale. The story is all 007 meets Berkeley tree people and a touch of Radio Shack nerd. Best part of the article is the part about the vegans eating fish and whale and then putting it into their bags. (Haha vegans had to eat fish and whale!) New York Times


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