Thursday, January 14, 2010

Interesting Food Links

Politics of Food Trucks:
Do you dig on the epicurean roach coaches but not the Halal stand? You will wait for 2 hours for a kimchie Kogi taco but wouldn’t be caught dead eating two tacos carnitas con salsa from the truck near the day laborers? Read this article about the issues facing food truckers in the LA area. Salon

Frozen Fruit:
While it might be a good way to get some vitamin C in the dead of winter, having it freeze on the trees in Florida is bad for the trees and the industry. That is being addressed but what about the people who pick the fruit? Take a look behind the groves and see what is happening to those who put food on your table. The Atlantic

Krazy for Kosher Food:
So people think Kosher food is better for them. Boy I hope they don’t have the hypertension! The Times reports that millions of non-Jewish Americans are now “keeping Kosher” because it is perceived as better. New York Times

Hide the Salami:
The WSJ reports that the jack-ass undies boomber is going to make it harder for chefs to sneak good tube meats into the country. One more reason to hate that guy! Wall Street Journal

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Sapana said...

Truth be told, I didn't read the WSJ piece -- but, why, and where did these chefs stow away these tube meats? How generous were they being for themselves? Further, did women do the same? Maybe I should read the article.