Friday, October 9, 2009

One more unsolicited opinion on the Peace Prize

Peter Lindholm: I have a vision of peace! Can I have one too?! I've officially done as much to promote peace as Obama so mine should be in the mail :) From President Obama's Facebook feed

According to my LinkedIn profile, I too have won the Nobel Piece Prize... I won it for carrot cake and apple pie. But today we learned that the President of these United States won the award for his vision and oration.

This makes as much sense as my faux culinary awards.

I voted for President Obama in the primary and the general. I knocked on doors in Pennsylvania, called lots of people in Ohio, Florida and Nevada and organized trips during the primaries. I was pulling for him since I heard him speak at the 2004 Nominating Convention.

But this award doesn’t work for me.

In recent weeks media outlets have started asking if President Obama is loved by all and feared by none. This is a problem considering the situations he has to deal with as the leader of this country. We are at war with some pretty nasty people. We have a gnarly economic situation to fix with people who need to fear the power that is fixing the problem. The healthcare crisis in this country is going to bankrupt us if we don’t change it now but Congress is dragging its collective feet.

Without the big stick, speaking softly is pretty boring.

This is only complicated by this Prize. It used to mean something. You used to have to sign a treaty or something, end a war, establish meaningful change for a group of people, you know get something accomplished. Awards are for accomplishments.

But now we see people win the Peace Prize for increasing awareness about climate change or inspiring hope. I get it Nobel people: we didn’t like President Bush either, but stop cheapening the Prize. One day President Obama may be worthy of the Nobel Committee’s praise but today, less than a year into his presidency with little accomplished outside of some killer speaking engagements, he doesn’t deserve this Prize.

Flying to Stockholm is nice this time of year, but perhaps he should focus on the wars, the economic issues, healthcare and maybe winning another Grammy instead of being awarded for his vision.

I am all for cheering the success and defending the failures of our President, but honoring nothing is a waste of time and devaluation of the Prize.

But what the hell do I know?


Larry Kaufman said...

Don't forget the Golden Rule -- they who have the gold make the rule.

Besides, anyone who makes Rush Limbaugh unhappy has done something good.

Anonymous said...

You took the words out of my mouth. My work here is done.

Anonymous said...


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