Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not good

This come by way of the "God Blog" written by Brad Greenberg. He explores in his post could these horrible fires be seen as acts of God. It is interesting. The comments section is where it gets a bit out of hand.

Ben Plonie writes:
In the absence of Biblical-quality prophecy, it is not easy to connect the dots between the spiritual and the temporal. The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways. It doesn’t seem fair somehow after Prop 8 passed, although the issue is not yet dead. But that’s just me. Ah well.

Ok I can get behind that, I think...not really sure though...oh no...biblical homophobia, sorry missed it in there.
Or could this be related to Obama’s fawning over the Muslim community at the expense of Israel and the worldwide Jewish community (as predicted by this reporter and every other observer with at least half a brain)?

Going forward, this could be Obama’s Katrina, or one of them. Let’s see how he handles it. After all, he did have a white grandmother, who could easily have been a victim of the fires. But no matter what Obama does, we can count on the the former Katrina protesters to give him a rave review on his performance, even though he has run out of funny-money after all of his crony payoffs and grandstanding. Obama’s lack of response will all be the fault of right-wing talk radio.
Wait hold on, only whites are getting burned out of thier homes? No Hispanics or Asians in the area? And for that matter only blacks lost thier homes during Katrina? I am lost.

ACH I say to this! What crazy-town talk. So I reply:
I am not one to take away from the horrific affects of these fires, living through a few close brushes when living in LA, but saying this will be President Obama’s Katrina is just silly. While this fire is far from out, Los Angelinos have lost 62 homes to NOLA’s 275,000 in the aftermath of Katrina. This idea and for the rest of your comment it would seem like the half of brain you may have isn’t working very well.

I did get a (respectful) note from Brad saying that this kind of exchange happens regularly when Plonie leaves a comment on the God Blog. But I have to wonder why an intellectual conversation about theology and current catastrophes always has to bend to the nut bag of the week's ideas? I suppose I am guilty of playing into it but can you leave such ridiculous statements without response?

Why not sit back and think about the concepts that Brad explores. Say “huh, I could be a better person in my daily life” or “wow, I really could do more with the community to make this a better world” as opposed to running your mouth about what you think is wrong in the world. But then what would be the point of blogging? Without this free, unregulated platform how would people like me Plonie ever be heard?


Larry Kaufman said...

I am always torn when I see comments like Baloney's -- answer or ignore. But these people can't be given a pass to spew their idiotic poison, so answer we must.

Dan said...

Shoded Yam said...

I wouldn't read to much into the polemics and solipcisms of this screaming menstrual cycle that calls himself "Ben Plonie". Plonie's problem (By the way, "Ben Plonie" is hebrew for "Son of Anonymous)is not about the Station Fire or Katrina or the gov'ts response. This is about an ultra-orthodox jewish racist who can't get past the fact that his President is black, period.